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Royal Court OLD

Royal Court OLD is a black Oldenburg stallion, 17,0 hh, born 2000.

Sire of Royal Court OLD is Royal Dance (Rohdiamant x Donnerhall), licening-show winner 1998 in Oldenburg. Dam of Royal Court OLD is Orsica (Chronos Trakehner x Mahagoni Trakehner).

The breeder of Royal Court OLD is Hans Timmers from Uden/Netherlands.

With Royal Court OLD I have won everything from tests for young riding horses up to Prix St. Georges and Intermediare I level.

Royal Court OLD is fantastic to ride and train because he has an excellent attitude towards work.

To me, this stallion is very special – not only because of his stunningly good looks but also because of his great character.

Royal Court OLDs gaits are all 8´s and I look forward to the training- and showing with him in the future.

Due to Royal Court OLDs successful career as a dressage horse he was 2012 honored by the Association for the Promotion of Oldenburg sports horses. He now carries the OLD in his name.


 Besitzer: Ulf-Peter König
 Anerkannt für: Oldenburg
 Decktaxe: 1000 Euro
 TG-Sperma zu beziehen beim Eigentümer



Verleihung Goldenes Reitabzeichen mit Royal Court OLD in Vechta 2012
Royal Court OLD Training Lindenbrunnerhof 2 2010
Royal Court OLD auf der Weide




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Rubin De Luxe OLD

Rubin De Luxe is a black, 16.3 hh, Oldenburg stallion, born 2007.

Sire of Rubin De Luxe is Grand-Prix Champion Rubin Royal and dam is Czardasfürstin from Fürst Heinrich/De Niro. As a filly, Czardasfürstin was awarded with 9,5 and 10`s for exterieur and movement at the foal championships in Lienen.

Rubin De Luxe is a top dressage youngster with bold gaits that are simply grand.

At age 3 he already won tests for young riding horses.
At age 4 he has won young horse riding tests at novice -A- level with excellent scores.

At age 5 he won a few young horse riding test at L and M level.
At age 6 he won classes at medium (M) level.
Rubin de Luxe also qualified with 8.2 for the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf 2012.

Rubin De Luxe is a born dressage stallion with a movement quality that meets high standards.

Rubin De Luxe loves to play with his jolly ball – see video!


Rubin De Luxe im Training 11-jährig auf dem Lindenbrunnerhof 2 im Januar 2018
Rubin De Luxe beim morgendlichen Training 9-jährig auf dem Lindenbrunnerhof 2 im März 2016
RUBIN DE LUXE 8-jährig im Feburar 2015 in Bad Wörishofen. Beim morgendlichen Training und anschließend bei der Arbeit an der Hand mit Herr Debroissia.
Rubin de Luxe 7-jährig unter dem Reiter beim Handarbeitstraining im Januar 2014 in Bad Wörishofen
Rubin De Luxe Training 6-jährig Lindenbrunnerhof 2 2013
Rubin De Luxe Training 5-jährig Lindenbrunnerhof 2 2012
Rubin De Luxe Geländetraining 2011
Rubin De Luxe Video Taining Halle Lindenbrunnerhof 2 2011 (4-jährig im Spätherbst)
Rubin De Luxe Video Taining Halle Lindenbrunnerhof 2 2010
(3-jährig im Sommer)
Rubin De Luxe Video auf der Weide
Rubin De Luxe und sein Jolly Ball



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