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Thank you

Sometimes in life you feel there is a time to say thank you for the love, support and friendship one has received in life…

First of all I want to thank my parents who have been supporting me in every way possible throughout life.

I want to thank my siblings Britta and Erik, whom I also consider to my closest friends. I am always delighted to hear from them and their great kids.

A huge thank you goes to my oldest and greatest fan, my 92 year old grandmother. She was always the first to know how the horse-show went. Sadly at the age of almost 93 years, she passed away at our home in the Odenwald.

Great thank you to my partner and trainer Tassilo Simon who supports me in every possible way.

I thank Silke Veith for everything she does for me and my horses.

I thank Frau Backe´ - our good soul on the Lindenbrunnerhof 2

Thank you to my dearest friends Heinz and Konstantin Lang from Berlin, Stephanie Dorner from Klein-Auheim, Sabrina Warnecke from Potsdam and Gabriele Simon from Gernsbach for the many years of our special friendship.

Huge thank you goes to Mr. Dr. J. Feil from the Atos – Clinic in Heidelberg. In a 10 hour operation he released me from a life in pain putting intervertebral disc prosthetics in my back. I can`t thank this excellent surgeon enough.

A very big thank you also goes to Jan Roesel from Reichelsheim. He is my physiotherapist and thanks to his motivating personality and his “know-how” he keeps me or better say – my back – in shape.